9 Tips for Writing, Even when You Don’t Feel Like it

9 tips for writing with no inspirationThis year I am struggling. Struggling with my thoughts, regulating my emotions, and finding contentment. I wish I could tell you why (I wish I could tell myself why,) but I’m feeling a bit foggy and I can’t seem to shake it.

Each year I look forward to September, the beginning of Autumn, because it is the time of the year I re-discover myself. Autumn is my new year. This year we had maybe a week of Autumn before, here in my little corner of Washington, it began snowing. That is not cool. I need a full Autumn season to be my best self for the rest of the year! 🍂 > ❄️

In spite of the universe up and skipping my favourite season I am still pushing forward into November and trying to pull these poems out of myself, even when I feel a little less than inspired. In case inspiration has left you also, here are nine tips for writing, even when you don’t feel like it.

  1. Take a walk –

    Walking always helps me clear my head and I often hear, smell, or see things I wouldn’t otherwise see.

  2. Listen to some music –

    Not just any music, but some music that gets you, you know?

  3. Read –

    Sometimes reading a page or two from a good book, or a favourite poet, can help get me in the right mindset.

  4. Eavesdrop –

    Okay that sounds intrusive, but seriously some of the best dialogue can come from the conversations around you!

  5. Put down the technology –

    Writing with a pen and paper changes everything about how I interact with what I’m writing. Sometimes it’s just enough to get me thinking in a different way.

  6. Do something different –

    Anything other than writing! Go to the grocery store, take a drive, go for a run, create something (else) artistic.

  7. Use a prompt generator –

    No shame in this game! I use an app called “Prompts” to give me short word or line prompts and I keep refreshing until something sticks.

  8. Ask the Internet –

    Speaking of prompts, *sometimes Twitter has some great ideas! (Key = sometimes!)

  9. Just write

    Completely clear your head and begin writing down any and all of the words that come into it. You’d be surprised what you might end up with.

It’s much later than I intended to publish this post (or send out my NaNo email for the day), but I’ve got a poem to write so I’m going to call it for the evening. I hope these tips helped you even a little bit. Sometimes all we need is a little shift in perspective or someone else to say what we already know. Good luck – you’ve totally got this!

xoxo m