Bésame Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches

When Bésame Cosmetics first came into my peripheral vision a couple years back I thought they sounded amazing. The creator of the brand, Gabriela Hernandez, founded Bésame Cosmetics to bring her life-long love of vintage makeup to the masses. They brand was founded in 2004 and has been a favourite of makeup artists working on period pieces ever since. Once I finally got my hands on some it was easy for me to see why!

So far I have only tried three of their lipsticks colours, but their range is much larger than that. They also have foundation, face powders, and mascara. Trust me, it will only be a matter of time before I order something from each category and report back. 😜

In addition to my most recent video, the Vintage Haul I posted to my YouTube channel last week, I wanted to take the time to discuss the shades in a little more detail as well as post some images in natural light for you to reference!

Victory Red

Based on true lipstick colours from 1941, Victory Red is a rich, highly saturated true-red tone. The wear on this lipstick is incredible – I was really impressed with its staying power.

All of Bésame’s lipsticks are cruelty free, paraben free, and made in the USA. Their lipsticks are also enriched with squalene, vitamin C, and aloe so they are super silky and don’t dry out lips.

Red Velvet

A much deeper colour than both Victory Red and Snow White Red; Red Velvet is rich, creamy, and has neutral undertones. This is the lipstick that Peggy Carter wore in season one of “Agent Carter” on ABC. The series actually used multiple Bésame lipsticks for Peggy’s looks throughout the seasons and will soon be releasing an Agent Carter collection. Since I aspire to cosplay Peggy Carter at some point this lipstick went into my cart without a second thought.

Snow White Red

This lovely lipstick is based on the ink and paint colours from the original, 1937 animated classic “Snow White” by Walt Disney. You know me… if it’s Disney or makeup, chances are I’m interested. If there’s an opportunity to combine Disney and makeup, the thing was made for me. Obviously I had to get this lipstick. It took everything in my power to only purchase one from this collection!

Snow White Red is a natural, cool-toned red shade with an ever-so-slight hint of pink in the undertones. Wearing this lipstick feels like I’m getting ready for a day in the parks. Honestly, I can’t wait to wear it for a Snow White Disneybound sometime soon!

Left to right: Victory Red, Snow White Red, Red Velvet

Those of you who have seen my Vintage Haul video know that while filming I had a slight snafu with my Red Velvet shade. (I dropped it, the corner got smooshed, I almost cried.) Shortly after my video went live I received a random package in the mail and it was from Bésame.

Inside the package was a handwritten note, a replacement Red Velvet lipstick, and their 1940s lipstick. They said they saw it take a tumble in my video and that I had aspirations to cosplay as Peggy Carter and sent along the package in response. I was floored! I will definitely be making another order soon!

Have any of you tried their makeup? I really want to try one of everything they make!








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