2018 Bookish Goals

2018 bookish goals imageDudes, it’s 2018. I am so into it. Let’s leave 2017 in the forking DUST!

Okay, so it should come as no surprise to most of you that I have a lot of goals for the upcoming year. In the spirit of hitting the ground running, I figured I should begin by sharing the goals I know I can commit to right away: the ones related to my bookshelf. In planning out the first few months of my online life I discovered that I have far too many video ideas for the month of January. Because of that, if I wanted to put my bookish goals out there, they would have to go on my blog! 😝

For the past two years I’ve set goals according to the number of the year. So in 2016 it was 16 goals, in 2017 it was 17 – you get the idea. This year it only made sense to follow that trend so I’ve come up with 18 bookish goals for 2018. (As the number continues to climb I’m not convinced this is the most sustainable approach, but what are ya gonna do? That’s a problem for future Mallory!) On to the goals!

My 2018 Bookish Goals

  1. READ MORE with no specific, total goal
  2. Finish Harry Potter (books 5-7)
  3. Read 15 graphic novels
  4. Read 5 non-fiction books
  5. Read 3 autobiographies / memoirs
  6. Physically read at least one book every month
  7. Read 8 books with protagonists who are LGTBQ+
  8. Read 10 books that I already own
  9. Review 10 books on my channel
  10. Read 1 book in a genre I don’t normally gravitate toward
  11. Read all the Jane Austen I can’t recall reading (Northanger Abbey + Mansfield Park)
  12. Read 1 book by a new-to-me author
  13. Read a book with 500+ pages
  14. Read 1 book published in 2018
  15. Participate in 1 read-a-thon
  16. Read 2 complete series
  17. Organize my bookshelf

A lot of these goals are pretty loosey-goosey, I’ll admit. In most areas of my life this year I want to commit to a goal (because I just work better that way), but I also don’t want to over commit. Hence a lot of goals with breathing room built in. My biggest goals are to read more, purge my bookshelf, and to read diversely – specifically I always make a point to read as many LGBTQ+ books as possible because it’s the minority group I can directly speak to as far as representation goes and I think that’s important.

Since it’s already the seventh, I wanted to share this list ASAP for any of you who might be needing some book goal inspiration as we roll into the new year. Also, check back in on this list as the year goes on because I’ll be updating it with links to reviews, wrap-ups, and crossing the goals off as I accomplish them. ⭐️

Do you set reading goals? If so, how do you choose which ones you’ll go for?





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